A Lockout/Tagout Training Program

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A LOTO training (Lockout/Tagout) program teaches employees ways to maintain safety while troubleshooting mechanical equipment or performing routine maintenance on equipment.

OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides standards that employers and employees should follow. These standards are designed to reduce injuries and fatalities within the workplace.

Lockout/Tagout strategies are one area that OSHA oversees. Many types of machinery could release hazardous energy. OSHA provides safety data sheets that contain information about hazardous energy. A safety data sheet is a document that lists information that pertains to the occupational safety and health standards that should be used when operating or servicing mechanical equipment.

Training Tools

Employees should be properly trained to use mechanical equipment. Machine-specific guidelines that relate to the LOTO procedures that should be followed can be discussed during an employee training session.

Equipment that contains mechanical components needs to be properly secured when inspecting the equipment or performing mechanical maintenance and repairs. Employees should be familiar with the features that a piece of construction equipment or machine contains. They should be taught about the types of LOTO training aids that should be secured to equipment when it is being serviced.


LOTO kits contain warning signs, padlocks, wire clips, and other aids that can be used to alert employees and secure mechanical equipment. All of the materials that are needed to secure equipment will be stored inside a LOTO kit.

A LOTO kit should be kept stocked at all times. The LOTO aids should always be accessible to those who will be performing routine inspections, maintenance procedures, or repair processes.

Annual Analyses Of Equipment

Annual analyses of equipment will prevent damage to mechanical parts. The proper upkeep of equipment will further protect employees from injuries that are due to the release of hazardous energy.

Additional Training For Employees

After purchasing new construction equipment or hiring new employees, additional training will be needed. Even those who are already familiar with the safety standards that must be followed when using construction equipment or machines can benefit from taking additional training classes.

An employer should prepare a training schedule that their employees will be required to follow. When new equipment is purchased, an employer will need to obtain safety data sheets that relate to the proper manner in which to use and maintain the equipment. The data sheets should be shared with each of their employees.


8 May 2023

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