Waterproofing Options for a Dry and Healthy Basement

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As a homeowner, ensuring that your basement remains dry and free from water intrusions is paramount. This is because excess moisture in the basement can lead to mold and structural damage. While there are various conventional methods for exterior and interior basement waterproofing, looking into less common or well-known solutions that may offer additional benefits is essential.

Material Advances Have Lead To Improved Basement Waterproofing Solutions

An emerging trend in basement waterproofing is modern materials that offer enhanced protection against water infiltration. Crystalline waterproof coatings are one such example. These penetrating coatings work by reacting chemically with the concrete to form a network of insoluble crystals within the pores and capillaries of the concrete. This helps block water penetration while allowing vapor to escape. The end result is a breathable yet impermeable barrier.

Another material that is an alternative to traditional waterproof membranes is bentonite clay. This natural substance is known for its exceptional swelling properties when in contact with water. The clay forms a dense barrier when applied between layers of soil or under concrete slabs, effectively preventing moisture from seeping through.

There Are Advanced Water Management Systems For Basements

Properly managing excess water around your home can ensure a dry foundation and minimize potential damage to your home's structure. An option for this is by investing in advanced technologies like smart sump pump monitoring systems. These systems incorporate smart technology features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or remote access through smartphone or tablet apps, allowing homeowners to monitor their property's water management.

Another advanced system to help mitigate water infiltration in basements is incorporating exterior French drain systems that utilize permeable pavers and water-harvesting techniques. These methods help redirect excess surface runoff away from the foundation while contributing positively to the environment by replenishing groundwater reserves.

There Are Green Waterproofing Solutions For Environmentally-Conscious Homeowners

Green solutions are worth considering for those looking to go beyond just basement waterproofing and simultaneously contribute positively to the environment. For instance, green roofs and rooftop gardens provide a natural barrier against rainwater while offering additional benefits such as improved stormwater management and air quality.

Another eco-friendly approach to preventing basement water infiltration is employing bio-swales and rain gardens around your property's perimeter. These strategically placed depressions or channels filled with vegetation act as effective filters that can capture runoff from impervious surfaces like rooftops or driveways and reduce soil erosion around the foundation. A professional basement waterproofing contractor can assist you with understanding your options for including these features in your property. 


7 April 2023

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