Get The Right Protection: Steps To Improve Your Rain Gutters

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If you've got too much rain run-off to deal with, now's the time to install gutters. Gutters are one of the best investments you can make for your home. But, there are some steps you need to take to make them as effective as possible. Not sure how to get started with your gutter installation? Read the list provided below. Here are some steps to help get you started with your gutters.  

Choose the Right Gutter Style

If you need to waterproof your home, start with the right gutters. Most people think there's only one type of gutter to choose from, but there are several. Traditional gutters provide rain protection. Box gutters provide permanent protection against water damage. Box gutters have troughs that don't get clogged. There's also a drip edge that diverts water away from your roof, without the use of gutters. Want ground-level protection? You should also talk to your contractor about installing ground gutters. Ground gutters prevent flooding and erosion. 

Invest in Gutter Heat Tape

Now that winter is here, you need to worry about freezing. You might not realize this, but your gutters can freeze. If that happens, you can sustain water damage. One way to protect your home is to install heat tape along the edge of your roof. But, there's another step you can take. You can install heat tape inside the gutters. Heat tape keeps the water flowing through the gutters, and prevents ice dams. 

Add Alternative Methods

When it comes to keeping your home dry during the winter, don't forget about the alternative methods. Under normal conditions, gutters keep water flowing away from your home. But, there are times when gutters can overflow. This is especially true during torrential rainstorms. When that happens, you need a way to control the overflow. That's where rain chains come into the picture. A contractor can install rain chains as part of your gutter system. Rain chains divert water to your ground gutters and to drip paths. 

Include Gutter Covers

If you're going to invest in rain gutters, you also need to invest in maintenance. Rain gutters get dirty fast, especially during the fall months. You could clean your gutters once a month to prevent clogging. Or, you could invest in gutter covers. Covers keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters. That means you can cut down on maintenance and avoid clogs.

Get the most from your new gutters. For questions about your gutters, talk to a contractor near you. 


5 December 2022

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