Designing Your Custom Home? 4 Reasons To Include A Truss Roof

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If you're building a custom home, you want to include upgraded features. Those upgraded features include the roof. If you haven't added a truss roof to your home design plans, now's the time to do that. Truss roofs provide benefits that you might not have considered. One benefit is that truss roofs take less time to install. But, there are other benefits, as well. If you're still not sure that a truss roof is right for you, read the list provided below. 

They Can Handle the Pressure  

When it comes to building your new home, you need a roof that's strong and durable. This is especially important with regard to outside forces. If you get a lot of high winds where you live, you need a roof that can withstand the pressure. That's where a truss roof comes into the picture. Truss roofs are designed for strength and durability. That means they can handle the pressure that comes from a strong windstorm. Are you concerned about a hurricane or tornado-force winds? Talk to your contractor about a steel truss roof. Steel provides the most safety against these types of wind storms. 

They Take the Weight Off the Walls

Now that you're building your own home, you want to think about weight. If you've decided on a metal roof for your home, you need a roofing structure that can hold the weight. Standard roof structures aren't designed for the extra weight of a metal roof. Unfortunately, that can put extra weight on the walls. That's why you need to choose a truss roof. One of the benefits of a truss roof is that it can take a lot of weight. That means your walls won't take on any added strain from the metal roof. 

They're Great for Open Floor Plans

If you've decided on an open floor plan for your new home, don't forget the truss roof. Standard roofs need extra support, which means they don't work well in an open floor plan. Truss roofs are different. Truss roofs are designed to accommodate open floor plans. They have posts and cords that support the truss system. That means they need fewer support beams. This construction allows you to have the open floor plan you want for your home. 

They're Better for the Environment

If you want to cut down on construction waste, it's time to choose a truss roof for your new home. Truss roofs use less timber in construction. Also, because the trusses get built off-site, the extra pieces can get recycled. 

Speak to a contractor to learn more about a truss roof


1 November 2022

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