Three Benefits Of An Uncovered Porch

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If you're not pleased with the current look of the front of your home, a positive change to consider is the addition of a porch. It's easy to find an experienced porch builder who works in your area, check out their website to view photos of their past builds, and then begin discussing how you want your new porch to look. While a lot of people favor covered porches, you may wish to consider the merits of an uncovered design.

Here are three benefits of having an uncovered front porch. 

Spacious Feel

Several different factors, including the size of your home, the size of your front yard, and your budget will influence how big your new front porch can be. Most people want this space to feel as roomy as possible, and one way to achieve this goal is to go with an uncovered design. While a roof over the porch can offer several advantages, it can also make the porch feel dark and enclosed — resulting in it potentially seeming smaller than it actually is. An uncovered porch will be open to the sky and get plenty of natural light, which helps it to feel spacious for your family.

Better Sightlines From Your Home

An uncovered design also offers better sightlines from the windows of your home. For example, if your home has a window at the front of the house on the second floor, this window can be useful for seeing if someone is walking up your walkway or has pulled into your driveway. A porch with a roof will somewhat impede the sightline from the window, particularly if the porch is large, which you may not appreciate. When your new porch doesn't have a roof, you'll be able to enjoy the sightlines that you've always had from your windows.

Faster Build

You can expect that any porch builder will be able to construct an uncovered porch in considerably less time than a covered porch. The latter has not only a roof but also several support pillars that hold the roof. These elements can take plenty of time to install, particularly if the porch is on the larger side. If you feel in a hurry to have your new porch complete — perhaps because you're hosting a family reunion in the near future and you want people to see your new porch when they arrive — you'll appreciate the speed at which a builder can complete an uncovered porch.

Reach out to a porch builder near you for more information.


18 October 2022

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