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Every season has its ups and downs concerning the weather. Especially when caring for your home, being prepared for all types of weather conditions will help keep your house protected and in lasting, pristine shape. Gutters are an often overlooked feature, but they are essential for protecting the foundation and roof of your home.

Benefits of Installing Copper

Handling a lot of elements well is key to a smooth-running gutter system. Water, leaves, sticks, and dirt are only some of the forces at work for your gutters to handle. Many standard rectangular aluminum options can have issues with clogging and leaking, requiring more maintenance more frequently. With a copper gutter installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your system will last.

Besides the mechanics of gutters, how they look with your home is very important. Copper gutters are great for those looking for a more rustic aesthetic. Farmhouses and historical buildings are commonly fitted with copper gutters for their sturdiness and vintage look, but many modern-styled homes are benefiting from the sleek and strong design of copper too. 

When exposed outside for an extended period of time, copper oxidizes from the combined oxygen and moisture, forming a tarnish layer, called patina. The patina covers the bright metallic color, turning it green and deep brown over time, giving a more antique accent to your home.

Types to Install

Besides being a highly sustainable material in durability and recyclability, copper is flexible and comes in many designs for gutter systems. 

The classic half-round gutter is the go-to for functionality. Because this type of gutter has a depth big enough for fantastic water flow, you'll have less debris clogs to worry about. This style is smooth and efficient with a back-facing lip to fight overflow and lock your gutters into position. 

K-style and eclipse millennium gutters provide a more sophisticated crown molding look. These designs are deeper than the half-round option, giving you style and function all while having even more water flow.

Seamless vs. Sectional Copper Gutters

Copper is a commonly used industrial metal, best regarded for its durability, malleability, and conductivity and for being resilient against corrosion. Being ductile, copper can be formed into many varying shapes and sizes without affecting its sturdiness. This is what makes copper an optimal choice for house gutters.

Seamless copper gutters are formed into various styles from large copper stock. Even when it comes to the bends and angles of your home, seamless gutter options are ideal for avoiding leaks and clogs in the first place. 

Sectional copper gutters have seams and smaller sections of copper plating. The varying sections are nice for tricky angles needed for some homes to have proper drainage. These seams need to be manually soldered together and can be more prone to leaks and weather damage. So if you're unsure what is best for your needs, ask your gutter installer what they would recommend. 

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21 September 2022

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