The Restoration Of A Substation

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Insulators and transformers are two main components that are found within a substation. As a substation manager, your role may be to have metal components inspected and repainted as needed. Steel components that make up parts of a substation could be susceptible to corrosion, paint imperfections, and abrasions.

The Variables

A substation is part of an electrical distribution system. High voltage electricity that originates at a plant is transferred into low voltage electricity that is adequate for powering up equipment and lighting within homes or businesses. The insulators and transformers that comprise a substation typically contain a high grade steel product. Although steel is a tough metal material that can withstand a lot of use, it is not adequately protected from natural elements and pollution.

There are various natural elements and contaminants that could damage steel casings and other important parts of a substation. Substation materials should be cleaned and inspected at scheduled times. Repainting services should be sought as needed.

A substation painting contractor may perform all of the steps that are essential in keeping substation materials maintained. The services that a contractor may offer include assessing equipment, using specialized cleaners to remove dust and grime from metal, and applying a paint product that is designed to protect metal from moisture, sunlight, and more.

Damaging Elements And Materials

  • UV rays
  • smog and other pollutants
  • dust and dirt particles
  • acid rain
  • moisture
  • temperature fluctuations

The Restoration Of A Substation

The electrical parts that make up a substation may be working properly, but there could be some cosmetic issues that could eventually compromise the efficiency of the substation equipment. It is important to have an inspection and analysis performed on the equipment that makes up a substation. The analysis should include determining what outside contributing factors have compromised the appearance or structure of the substation equipment.

Metal materials that are badly corroded may need to be replaced by a contractor. Equipment that is just beginning to show signs of damage can be cleaned and protected with a paint product that is resistant to moisture.

Paint products that are used to coat steel that comprises a substation will typically be resilient to moisture, dust, acid rain, and more. This type of paint product will protect metal components throughout the year. As a substation manager, you should keep a log book that reflects upon when inspections, cleaning, and repainting processes are used to maintain the substation that you oversee.


24 August 2022

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