Protecting Your Basement Against Water Damage

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The basement of your house can be extremely vulnerable to suffering major damage due to water intruding into it. In order to protect your home from this risk, the basement may need to be professionally waterproofed so that moisture will have a much harder time seeping into this area of the house.

A Moisture Barrier May Be Installed On The Exterior Walls Of The Basement

A moisture barrier may need to be installed on the exterior walls of the basement. This barrier can block moisture in the soil from being able to seep through the concrete walls of the basement. As part of the installation of the moisture barrier, the soil directly along the perimeter of the house may need to be removed. This can allow for the moisture barrier to be properly placed against the entire length of the wall.

Runoff From The Gutters May Need To Be Directed Away From The House

The runoff from the roof can be a contributing factor to a basement suffering water damage. This runoff can soak into the soil around the base of the house, which can eventually lead it to the basement. In addition to having a gutter system that is in good condition, the downspouts for the gutters should be positioned far enough away from the home to reduce the water soaking into the ground directly near the house. This simple upgrade can go a long way in preventing water damage from occurring in the basement of your house. With the use of downspout attachments, you may even be able to direct the runoff to plants that require a large amount of water, which can help to reduce the need to spend a lot of time irrigating these plants.

The Interior Walls Of The Basement Will Be Fully Sealed

The interior walls of the basement will also have to be addressed during the waterproofing process. Once moisture is able to seep into the basement, it can become trapped. Sealing the walls will further reduce the risk of this occurring. However, it will need to be as thorough as possible to be effective. For this reason, one of the first steps in the sealing process will be inspecting the walls and flooring to find any small cracks or gaps that need to be sealed with caulk before the sealant can be applied to the walls. Without this step, moisture could easily enter the basement through these openings.

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16 June 2022

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