4 Problems You Can Prevent By Having Your Home's Crawl Space Waterproofed

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If your home is like many, then it probably has a crawl space underneath. The crawl space might not have been waterproofed when your home was built, or the previous owners might not have waterproofed it. This might not seem like a big deal, since it might not actually seem as if you have to have waterproofing done on your crawl space. However, if you don't have waterproofing done on your crawl space, you might face a variety of problems over your time as a homeowner. These are all examples of some of the different problems that you can hopefully prevent in the first place if you have your home's crawl space waterproofed sometime soon. 

1. Mold

Mold can become a problem in just about any environment that is moist and warm, and it's possible that the crawl space under your home is this type of environment during at least some parts of the year. Mold can cause health challenges for your family, and if it gets bad enough, it could possibly even cause your home to be condemned. Mold can begin growing and spreading underneath your home without you even knowing about it, and when this happens, the problem can get really bad before you ever know to contact a mold remediation service. To avoid dealing with a mold problem underneath and eventually inside of your home, having your crawl space waterproofed is smart.

2. Wood Rot

Wood rot is another problem that can be caused by moist environments. Since many of your home's components might be made of wood, this is definitely something you should be concerned about if you want to preserve the integrity of your home. Crawl space waterproofing is a highly effective way of preventing wood rot from being a problem.

3. Household Pests

Termites, carpenter ants, and other pests can eat the wood that was used to construct your home. Other types of pests can take shelter under your home and find their way into the house too. Proper crawl space waterproofing is an effective means of reducing pest-related issues, although you might still need to work with a pest control professional to prevent pests from being a big problem.

4. Uncomfortable or Dirty Environment

From time to time, you might need to crawl into the crawl space underneath your home. You might have to crawl under there to perform an inspection or to perform some type of work. Even if you don't do this, you might work with a contractor at some point who will need to crawl underneath your home to get various types of work done, such as working with your HVAC ductwork or your plumbing. Crawl spaces that are not properly sealed and waterproofed can become very messy, dirty, and uncomfortable over time. This can make working underneath the home an unpleasant experience.

Contact a local crawl space waterproofing service for more information. 


1 June 2022

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