Repairing Damages to Your Business's Foundation

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Structural problems with your business's building can be an issue that requires urgent repairs. This is particularly true with the foundation of the building as this is a critical piece of the structure, and problems with it could quickly lead to significant issues for the entire building.

Assumption: There Are No Warning Signs That Your Business's Foundation Is Suffering Problems

In the event that the foundation of your building has started to suffer problems, there are many warning signs that could potentially alert you to this problem. Unfortunately, individuals may not appreciate that this is the case as they may assume that it will be impossible to assess the condition of the foundation due to it being buried. However, there are some fairly obvious warning signs that could alert you to the fact that your business is needing to have foundation work done to it. An example of this may be increased difficulty with opening or closing doors and windows. Furthermore, there may be large cracks forming in the walls and floors of the building. While these warning signs will not always indicate that the foundation is compromised as there may be other causes of these problems, it can still be a best practice to have the foundation inspected to determine whether settling, upheaving, or other common problems are developing with it.

Assumption: Repairing Foundation Issues Will Always Require Lengthy Closures of the Business

If your business has started to experience serious foundation damages, repairs will be unavoidable if you are to keep your building and its occupants safe. A business leader may be worried that these repairs will always require the business to be closed for long periods of time. However, commercial construction foundation repair services are aware of the need for these repairs to be completed as quickly as possible to minimize the costs and disruptions associated with these repairs. In fact, there are many types of foundation work that may be completed without a need for the business to close at all. The placement of support rods or beams under the foundation can be an example of this type of repair.

Assumption: Foundation Problems Only Impact Businesses That Are in Extremely Old Buildings

There is a prevalent notion that only older buildings are vulnerable to developing substantial foundation issues. While these buildings can be prone to suffering foundation problems, it is a reality that newer buildings can also be vulnerable to these problems. In particular, newer structures can be vulnerable to foundation damage as a result of it settling unevenly or too quickly.


19 April 2022

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