Protecting Your House Against Water Damage

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For a homeowner, water damage can be one of the most serious structural issues that their property can face. While water damage is a common problem for structures to experience, there are effective steps that can be used to lessen the potential risks that water damage will be able to pose to the property.

Evaluate The Areas Of Your Home That Are The Most Vulnerable To Water Intrusion

Unfortunately, the risk of water damage to your home will not be uniform as there are some areas of the house that may be especially vulnerable to developing extensive water damage. In particular, the basement and other low areas of the house can be at the greatest risk of developing severe water damage. These areas of the house may require specialized upgrades to mitigate the threat of water damage. For example, the areas near the soil or that are buried may benefit from thorough waterproofing that is able to prevent moisture from the soil from seeping through the cracks and pores.

Take A Holistic Approach To Waterproofing

In order for the waterproofing to be as effective as possible, you will want to be holistic when it comes to these efforts. For example, sealing the exterior walls can be an important step, but many properties may need to also have drainage upgrades made so that the water that is flowing near the home can more easily be directed away. While a holistic approach to waterproofing your home will cause this project to be more expensive and to take longer, it can dramatically improve its effectiveness and durability. For those that live in areas where heavy rains can be common, waterproofing the exterior of the house may be an essential step to take.

Prepare The Yard Near The Home Before The Waterproofing Service Arrives

Exterior waterproofing services may need to remove some of the soil along the base of your home. This is often needed so that the exterior can be sealed and inspected for openings that have to be closed. To minimize the need for the contractors to move your possessions away from the home, you should spend some time moving any items that may be near the base of the home. Otherwise, the contractors may have to spend time moving them so that they can excavate the soil, and this could lead to additional costs while increasing the amount of time that the exterior waterproofing work will require.  


17 May 2021

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