The Simplest Way To Lay Down Long Stretches Of Cable Or Pipe

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Utilities connect houses to the outside world, and that is why it is so important to make sure you have secure and reliable water and electrical connections to the mainframe. For a long time, these pipes and cables were run underground, which had to be done by physically digging up two or three feet deep trenches for dozens of yards. Nowadays, there is a much easier solution for both new homeowners, constructing their own house to properties that have been around for decades. Directional boring is a gamechanger and can help you establish your utilities faster and cheaper than ever before.

What Is Directional Boring?

Directional boring is a quite old technology that has been used in many industries, specifically oil, for decades. The process involves inserting a small drill underground and then controlling it in whichever direction you want. That means you can go several feet vertically down, before changing and going horizontally through the earth. This allows you to bypass all sorts of different objects that could otherwise cause huge delays, from rock deposits to other utility connections in the area. Then you simply enlarge the hole using special technology owned by directional boring companies and the hole is ready for either your pipes or cables.

What Can Directional Boring Drill Through?

In high-end job sites where maneuvering the drill wouldn't be practical, it is possible to drill through rock, stone, or even something harder. But for most residential purposes, directional boring does not really need to go through rock or concrete. You can simply avoid this harder ground and find a weaker, softer patch of earth that will not cause long delays and cost extra money in replacing drill bits and the added length of the project. Most of the time, directional boring will only go through dirt, sand, loose aggregate, and similar materials.

How Do You Get In Contact With A Directional Boring Company?

You probably are not all that familiar with boring, and so it can be hard to know where to locate a specialist in your area, especially one that works in residential jobs. Luckily, many construction companies and individual contractors offer boring as a service because of the many advantages listed above. It saves them time and effort and also delivers a superior product, so there is no surprise it is becoming more and more widespread. Just make sure you know roughly how long the bore needs to be and other basic information about the site, and most contractors will be happy to do it for you.


13 May 2021

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