Why You Don't Have To Sacrifice Comfort When Building A Sustainably Sourced Home

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The construction of your house is probably the single biggest individual use of material that you will ever participate in throughout your life. As such, many people are quite conscious of the effect this has on the environment. Not just on the literal environment around the house either, but on the wider impact their materials have on the health of the planet. Some may be worried about homes that are entirely environmentally friendly. The truth is that an earth home builder (the name for sustainably sourced construction companies) can make a home just as good as anyone else, and often much better.

What Is Unique About An Earth Home Builder?

Apart from the obvious sourcing of materials by ethical means, the biggest difference an earth home builder offers is creating an artificial cover over your home with dirt and grass. In effect, your house becomes part of the landscape, just like a giant hill that you can live in. That does not mean you sacrifice any modern conveniences. It just means that you get the added benefit of natural insulation, which will lower your overall cost of living in the long run anyway.

Isn't That A Bit Far Fetched?

Many people have used the services of earth home builders across the country, and there are plenty of successful examples of people really enjoying the advantages of pseudo-subterranean living. Many people have been living in homes that have used designs similar to this in the past, though nowadays, they are just more updated and practical so that you don't run into any of the problems that would happen in the past. Your pseudo-subterranean home will be better insulated and more eco-friendly, but it will still function just as any other modern home.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several clear benefits of living in an earth-sheltered home. For one, winters and summers are both much milder, and you never encounter problems like pipes freezing or rooms becoming sweltering hot. There are fewer issues with rats, insects, and even dust because there are barely any entrances for them to get inside. The concrete construction is more solid than timber upright houses and has a much longer guaranteed lifespan, so your insurance rates are often also much lower.

There are many reasons why you should swap, and very few that could be perceived as negatives. For more information, contact a local earth home builder.


11 May 2021

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