Why Retractable Screens Are Part Of The Future Of Home Design

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Screens have been part of many different buildings for hundreds of years, slowly getting more and more refined to the point where they become almost unnoticeable. They allow a certain level of natural sunlight and air to enter the home or building without the threat of debris or insects or animals getting it. But screens can be bulky and create an unwanted look when left in front of a window or door, which can be hard to justify when you spend so much time designing a house to look modern and sleek. That is why retractable screens are becoming more important and popular.

How Do Retractable Screens Work?

Retractable screens are scored in the side of your door or window, most of the time in a recessed area behind the wall, so it is invisible when not in active use. When you do want to open the door but want protection from the outside, you simply roll the retractable screen out (with what looks like a regular handle you might see on a traditional door or window). The unfolding mechanism of the hidden retractable screen is smooth and can wind and unwind thousands of times without jamming, making it reliable and easy to operate by anyone, even children.

No Added Space Needed

Retractable screens are so beneficial for modern homes because they are space-conscious. The last thing you want to do is take up another few square feet of your home just to have space for a screen you probably only use in summer. Retractable screens just add on to the space already occupied by your door or window and can be made to look seamless. For those where a precise room layout is important, retractable screens are often the only way to install any sort of blind or screen into the area at all.

Fast Installation

There is nothing worse than having the entire design of your house held up because of a small feature that is only in one area. Retractable screens do not take long to put in place because there are very few components, even though they look very high-tech when all working together. While they are best installed during the initial construction of the house, they can be introduced afterwards without many complications. Still, where possible, you should try and think ahead and involve a retractable screen contractor to help produce a new home that is fit for the decades to come. 


11 May 2021

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