A Demolition Service Can Knock Down An Old Detached Garage So You Can Use The Land

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If you have a detached garage on your property that's been neglected, you might prefer to remove it rather than renovate it. With the building out of your way, you can reclaim your yard for other projects. Here's an overview of what to expect when you hire a demolition service.

Have A Garage Inspection

An inspection is usually done first to find out if the building has hazardous materials such as lead paint or asbestos. If it does, the materials need to be removed before the building is torn down. This is better than discovering the hazardous materials in the middle of the project and suddenly facing the expense of removing the materials when you're not prepared for it.

Get The Permit

Your demolition services should include getting the permit for you so you don't have to deal with it. However, just know permits will be needed, and the cost is determined by your city. Getting a permit might take time too if your city is behind, but during this time, the demolition contractor can be planning out how to take down your garage.

Disconnect Utilities

You may need to bring in an electrician and a plumber to disconnect wiring and pipes from your garage if it has utilities. You'll want to do this well in advance of demolition day so the demolition contractor doesn't show up and find the garage still has power since work can't begin until utilities are marked and disconnected.

Knock Down The Garage

If there is anything you want to save from the garage such as the old windows or hardwood that is in good condition, get it out before demolition day. Your contractor will reduce your garage to rubble fairly fast.

If heavy equipment can reach the garage, the contractor can knock the garage down with an excavator and use the bucket to scoop up debris and dump it in a truck to be hauled away. Everything from the roof to the soil, including the foundation, will be busted up and hauled off.

Cover The Soil

The demolition service removes any signs and fences they might put up, but you'll be responsible for the bare earth that's left once the rubble is removed. You might want to prep the soil and put down sod or till the soil for a garden.

Watching an old building get demolished is a fun experience. Even though the actual work goes fast, testing for asbestos, getting the permit, and planning the job could take longer than you expect, so be patient with the process.


10 May 2021

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