Signs A Foundation Repair Is In A Building's Future

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If a building with a foundation stands long enough, there is a good chance the foundation will require repairs at some point. You'll want to get on top of foundation repair problems as early as possible when they appear, but how can you tell if there is trouble? These five indications mean it might be time for you to speak with a foundation repair services provider.

Cracks in the Walls

Many people first notice foundation problems some distance from the base of a house. Cracks can form in the walls of the living spaces of a house if the foundation is shifting. That's especially the case if part of the foundation is failing or moving in a different direction from the rest of it.

The cracks can appear in any room of a structure. This includes both upper and lower floors. Understandably, you may also see cracks directly in the walls of the foundation.

Loose Materials

Depending on how and why the foundation is compromised, you may see loose materials around it. The loose materials usually come from water causing erosion in cracks. You'll see a fine powder form near the compromised areas, and it may collect on the floor.

As the level of compromise grows, you might see larger chunks of materials. This occurs because whole pieces start falling out when the cracks remove everything that had supported them.

Musty Odors

Particularly if the cracks aren't creating visible fissures, the signs of trouble may be more subtle. One of the first signs something might be up is a musty odor. This occurs because the cracks let moisture from the soil into the basement. It collects and encourages mold growth, and then you pick up the smells of the mold.

Uneven Floors

As a foundation fails, it can leave one side of a house at a different level than the other. You might notice that if you drop a ball on one part of the floor that it rolls in a different direction than if you put it down elsewhere.

Heaves in the Basement Floor

The pressure of these shifts will eventually cause the larger foundation to form cracks. As this happens, the floor of the basement may crack. The shifts can cause the floor to heave in sections, too.

Generally, this sort of damage is very visible. It's also a strong sign that the issue is advanced and that your building needs foundation repair services right away.


6 May 2021

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