Various Reasons For The Increased Use Of Roof Trusses In Building Construction

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With the global population swelling over the decades, the construction industry has been facing an increasing demand to build. This has motivated industry players to find better, more efficient, and sustainable ways to build.

When it comes to building construction, roof trusses are becoming increasingly popular as a modern alternative to conventional roof construction with rafters. This trend is largely due to the numerous advantages that trussed roof systems offer over traditional rafter roofs.

Highlighted below are some top advantages of roof trusses.

They Are Made to Order

Manufactured at an off-site location in a controlled factory environment, roof trusses are designed to match nothing less than your exacting project requirements. This way, you get a roof framing system that is created for your specific job.

They Lead to Savings on Labor Costs

Because they're delivered to your construction site ready for final assembly, roof trusses are not only fast to build with, but also help to reduce the amount of labor required to put a roof on a building.

With the proper heavy lifting equipment, you can install and secure a trussed roof in place in less time than it would take a sizable team of experienced roofers to build the roof framing with individual rafters. 

They Are Available in Both Timber and Steel

When it comes to the construction of framing systems for traditional roofs, timber is the only material that can be used for the job. This is because timber can be cut easily using basic cutting tools such as a hand saw or hacksaw.

Alternative roof framing materials such as steel may require more powerful cutting equipment to cut with relative ease. Such equipment may not be available on-site. Because the entire process of manufacturing for trussed roof systems takes place in a controlled factory setting, it's possible to make roof trusses using both timber and steel.

They Reduce Material Wastage

The factory-based manufacture of trusses minimizes material wastage attributed to on-site manufacture and assembly of roof rafters. This can help to reduce roof installation costs considerably. Builders also don't have to worry about the potential theft of building materials stored on-site.

They Lead to Space Savings

Because you don't have to keep the building materials required for roof framing construction on-site, you'll have more space for the storage of other building materials. You'll also be able to maintain a tidier work environment.

If you want to use roof trusses in an upcoming building construction project, don't hesitate to consult a building contractor first. For more information, contact a local construction company, like Campbell Truss Company Inc.


5 May 2021

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