Remodeling And Renovations: A Window Replacement Guide To Bring Your Home Up To Date With Modern Energy Standards

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The windows in your home can be updated when doing major renovations to bring your home up to date with modern energy standards. The windows can be replaced, improved, and updated when doing renovations to ensure you get the most out of energy improvements. The following window replacement guide will help bring your home up to date with modern energy standards:

Choosing the right glass for replacement windows

There are a lot of different types of glass for the replacement windows you have installed. Glass options that can improve the efficiency of your windows include:

  • Low-E glass to improve thermal barriers
  • Double-pane glass to reduce thermal transfer
  • Factory tinted glass for better thermal barrier and reduced heat gain

The glass in replacement windows is important to bring your home up to date with modern energy standards. The same type of glass materials can also be used for replacing the glass in existing windows that you are not planning on replacing.

Improving window openings during window replacements

The opening where you install replacement windows and do other repairs also needs to be insulated. The interior trim can be removed from windows and insulation added to ensure there are not any gaps for cold air to get into your home. This can be done if you are installing replacement windows or making other improvements, and it will help reduce the energy loss that comes from air leaks around window openings.

Choosing the best replacement window materials for renovations

There are also a lot of different choices for replacement windows that you can have installed. The materials that are commonly used in replacement windows include wood, metal, and vinyl. To ensure your windows are as efficient as possible, you may want to use metal or vinyl units that have an insulated foam filling. This filling improves the strength and the energy efficiency of your new replacement windows.

Reduce air leaks and improve the appearance of replacement windows

There are also features that can help reduce air leaks and improve the appearance of the replacement windows. First, sealant tape can be added around the window opening. The windows can then have trim details added to the exterior of the casings, which will help improve the appearance of these improvements and reduce air leaks around the window openings.

The window replacements and improvements that you do with renovations will help bring your home up to date with modern energy standards. Call a window replacement service for help with planning the renovations to update your home.


6 October 2020

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