Three Things A Home Owner Should Know If They Just Bought A House With A Well Water System

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If you just purchased a home with a well water system, and you have never had this type of water source before, you are likely to have questions about it. The most important thing to know about a well water system is that it requires water system maintenance. The following are a few things that may need to be done.

You may need to have your well inspected

The well should have been inspected before you bought the house or at least have had the water tested, but this isn't always done. If there is no record of this inspection, you should have it done. They will perform a visual inspection of all outdoor surface components and any possible issues surround the well for potential contamination of the water. They will also inspect system components that are likely indoors, such as storage tanks, water heaters, and booster tanks, The electrical system will be checked, along with the pump and valves.

You may need to have your water tested

There are a few basic signs to look for. The first is the appearance. Once the water starts to appear cloudy, it may not be healthy to drink. Also, you may notice and odor to the water. Sometimes the taste of the water seems off. A water test will look for several contaminants, but most importantly will be for the presence of coliform. This is a collection of various bacteria that are found in water that are unhealthy to people. There are also chemicals that can enter your water supply that will be tested for.

Your well may need cleaning

If you find that your water is problematic, this often means you need to have your well cleaned. There are several aspects to cleaning a well. The pump is removed and debris from the bottom of the well is cleaned away. The casing and intake of the well are cleaned, along with the gravel filter around the intake of the well. And finally, a flushing of the geological area around the well is performed. All of this is done by licensed professionals with both special equipment and knowledge. Never do this yourself.

There may not be a record of the last time your well system was inspected. If this is true, you should have your system inspected. But even if there was an inspection, you may need to have your well water tested to make sure it is healthy to drink and use. This is especially true if you suspect the water isn't healthy. If you need to have your well clean, do not attempt to do it yourself. But whether it is well cleaning, inspection and maintenance or water testing, it should always be done by a licensed water professional.


5 October 2020

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