Siding Options For Your Commercial Structure's Exterior

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When choosing the siding material for your commercial structure, there are a couple of key points to consider. Completing upkeep to siding components may not be a preference of yours and you may be opposed to investing in a material that is prone to denting or corrosion. Vinyl is a material that is both easy to maintain and that will hold up in all climates.

Omit Painting, Filling, Or Deep Cleaning

If your home possesses a wooden or stone exterior, you have probably dealt with the tedious repair and cleaning steps necessary to maintain the facade's appearance. Natural materials that contain grooves or that are irregularly shaped trap dirt much more frequently than smoother materials.

There is also the task of adding paint or a sealant to some siding materials, to provide a structure with a distinct color and protection that will preserve siding materials from the elements. Brick and stone siding may require the reapplication of mortar, to keep siding pieces bonded together.

With vinyl, you will make one initial investment but won't need to go through laborious tasks to attain a specific look or level of protection. All vinyl pieces are factory-manufactured and contain a permanent pigment that will not chip or fade, even if your business is located in a rainy region or one that experiences high winds multiple times a year. Unlike aluminum siding, which tends to become dented with extreme weather conditions, vinyl will hold its shape as long as force isn't applied directly to siding pieces.

Choose Hollow Or Insulated Vinyl Pieces

There are two main vinyl siding styles. Hollow siding consists of a single vinyl layer, which isn't supported on the backside of each siding piece. Pieces overlap and will be secured to the outside of your business. Vinyl pieces could become loose with high winds and pieces may slightly shift and make noise while doing so, which are a couple of drawbacks associated with standard vinyl siding.

These two drawbacks are minor and will not be bothersome to most people who invest in this type of siding, but if you would like to eliminate these issues, insulated vinyl is another option that will provide your business with the curb appeal that you desire and the vinyl pieces will remain intact. Insulated vinyl pieces contain a cushioned layer, which is secured to the backside of each siding piece. Contact a siding contractor and pick out the color and width of each vinyl siding piece that you would like added to your commercial structure's exterior.


5 October 2020

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