Bring Your Wood Floors Back To Life With Refinishing

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Real wood floors are lovely, but if the flooring is old and has seen a lot of traffic over the years, wood floor refinishing may be to restore the floor to its original luster and beauty. Often things like dings and dents in the wood or warped boards can make the floor look rough, but with a little work and the right contractor, those floors can look great.

Floor Damage

Older wood floors may start to show their age if they have not been well maintained over the years, but the floors, especially hardwood floors, can withstand a lot of abuse, and still be brought back with wood floor refinishing. The amount of work required depends on the floor and the damage to it. 

Warped boards can cause high spots in the floor, dents in the wood from things being dropped can cause blemishes, and high traffic areas can have low spots worn into the wood. These can be corrected if you know what you are doing, but hiring a flooring contractor to handle the wood floor refinishing is best so that the floor is not further damaged during restoration.

Floor Repair

The first step in fixing damaged floors is replacing any boards that are rotted or heavily damage with new boards. Finding the right boards to replace the older ones with can be difficult, but if you can match the wood's look, blending the old and new will be easier. 

Your contractor will determine what needs replacing and find the appropriate wood to use for the best end result. If new replacement boards cannot be found, the contractor man needs to find some reclaimed wood from the same era to use as replacement flooring.

Sanding and Stripping

The contractor and crew doing your wood floor refinishing will strip the old floor and sand the surface to level the floor. A large belt sander is used on the floor, but the operator needs to know how to use the sander correctly, or the sander can create low spots on the floor. 

The goal is to sand the entire surface to one even height, removing blemishes, high spots, and dips in the floor before any finish is applied. The corners and edges of the room will also need sanding, but a small sander is used to get into tight corners and other spots. 

Sealing the Floor

Once the surface is smooth and even, the wood floor refinishing contractor will stain the wood and then seal the wood to protect it. There are many different color and surface options that you can choose from, but when the floor is complete, it will look like a brand new floor and should last for many years.


24 September 2020

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