Air Conditioning Repair Service: Does Your AC Unit Need Maintenance?

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Your home's AC unit is built last up to 15 to 25 years. It's longevity greatly depends on how often you use and maintain it. In this article, you'll discover common AC issues and when it's time to call an air conditioning repair service.

Common Issues that Face AC Units

During the life of your air conditioning unit, it'll eventually stop working at its peak ability. This doesn't necessarily mean it's time to replace the unit but you may need to call in your local air conditioning company for service. Common issues that plague air conditioning units include:

  • The AC isn't blowing cold air
  • The unit won't turn on
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Electronic control short due to an oversized unit
  • The unit is making clicking, thumping, or rattling sounds
  • The sensor is not properly measuring outside air temperature
  • Frozen outside unit due to low temperatures

The above issues occur for any number of reasons. Most of them can be mitigated with regular maintenance of the AC unit.

How Often Should an AC Unit Be Serviced?

Even if there is no identifiable problem with your AC, you'll want to have it serviced once a year in the spring. This is right before the weather gets really hot and the unit will be working overtime. Springtime also makes it easier to test the unit. During regular maintenance, the HVAC contractor will clean out dirt and debris that accumulates around the coils, change the air filter, and perform any necessary service. 

Not servicing your unit can lead to poor drainage and buildup. Over the years, it can lose its efficiency until it has to work harder to produce any tangible output. Clogged coils and drainage systems lead to AC units that don't blow cold air or turn on at all. Many air conditioning services offer ongoing maintenance contracts, which often provide yearly check-ins and discounted services. 

What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Repair Service 

HVAC contractors are required by most states to have a license to operate. The exact requirements vary by city and township so you'll have to check with your local governing body to validate the company of your choice.

The contractor you choose should also carry liability insurance to cover any accidents to themselves or others that occur on your property while they are performing maintenance. Failure to provide proper insurance can lead to the homeowner footing any medical or property bills. Finally, choose a service that has provable experience. A business with an office location is usually more reputable than one working exclusively from a utility van. As a bonus, choose a company that offers 24hr emergency services and will come out on weekends and holidays.

When you give your AC what it needs, it gives you what you need. Avoid the most common issues by scheduling regular air conditioning repair service. A reputable company will have the experience, insurance, and knowledge to keep your home cool during the summer months.


24 September 2020

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